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Meet and learn from other corporate innovators who are pushing the boundaries.
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September 14, 2016

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We're excited to bring together a community of like-minded thinkers, passionate about turning innovative ideas into successful digital products.


Corporate entrepreneurs, product owners, and senior leadership need to think and move like startups in order to launch quickly, find market fit, and launch their products at scale.

In an effort to learn from corporate thought-leaders and forge a path for future entrepreneurs, 352 Inc. along with TechSquare Labs created The Enterprise Entrepreneurship Series.

EES is a bi-monthly series focused on helping business leaders navigate the challenges of adopting a startup mentality in a corporate environment. Our aim is to inspire organizations to break down barriers to innovation, and drive change within. Our speakers, from companies like Coca-Cola, Equifax, Cox, and top Atlanta startups, will share their experiences about product development — from garnering buy-in from the top to picking the right partners and scaling for growth.

We believe that innovation needs to be seeded in every department. From legal and finance to creative and technology, innovative thinking cannot be siloed in one department. For enterprises to truly be successful the entire organization must embrace the same philosophy— from the top down to the bottom up.


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Our next speaker, Mike Burgiss, a veteran technologist within COX Automotive, founded a new enterprise venture MakeMyDeal. In just under three years, this startup within COX Automotive is now a 60+ person team and the fastest growing company within COX’s history. Mike will share his story on the road to success and the organizational challenges he overcame along the way.


  • Working with Innovation teams

    Dale W. Malik, currently leading one of AT&T’s Innovation Foundries, is developing the next generation technology and products for IoT, Entertainment, Wireless and Consumer products. His talk focused on working with new or mature innovation teams within an organization. He covered innovation models that work and how to be held accountable to realistic outcomes.

  • Innovation From Every Angle

    For our first event, we wanted to provide three perspectives on innovation from different company types: agencies, enterprises, and startups. The discussion focused on the first-hand innovation practices used by Coca-Cola, 352 (digital agency) and Stackfolio (startup).

  • Innovation in Every Department

    In our second event, we focused on the idea that every department in an organization needs to be innovative, not just the one directly tasked with it. We brought a perspective from an enterprise executive as well as a startup founder who were both able to successfully navigate the enterprise space, finding wins where others were unable to do so.